RodoQuick Transportes has a particular way of working and seeing the container transport business. We take your logistic chain to another level, bringing innovative solutions to your gaps.


The fast flow of information and the autonomy of our employees brings flexibility in the operations, always bearing in mind that attention to details and resolution of unforeseen events to be managed quickly.


In a new company, employees are in the spotlight and most of the times, they can grow with it. In a transport company, it is no different and, in this sense, our employees know the importance they have in their role, having autonomy and responsibility to act in the most ethic and professional way, in each step of the logistic chain, transport and storage. These factors are essential for maintaining the motivation and commitment of the employees, so that they can take care of our customers, in the best possible way.


At RodoQuick, all customers are treated in the same way, receiving personalized follow-up and maximum attention.


The term “partnership” is currently used frequently, without actually being put into practice.

Here at RodoQuick, we emphasize that transparency and pro-activity is real, so that there is trust, and a long term partnership with our customers.

Customers often need special care and attention in specific situations, such as last minute changes in operations, extended free time, issues with gates / terminals etc. We often try to help and assist whenever possible, with our local contacts and partners.

We try our best to maximize our expertise and local knowledge, sharing experiences from other areas, demonstrating that we are together – as a Team and as Partners – that you can count on, even on unusual challenges.

We believe that our customers need (and can recognize), the importance of a good partner, and partnership is more than a jargon, but to walk together through daily challenges.


Read our blog and get to know a little bit more about our way of thinking, acting, writing, and exposing ideas… Then you will get to know better the RodoQuick philosophy and values, which make the difference in critical moments of transport and logistics operations – that make us one of the fastest growing transport companies in Santos.

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